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[SAMPLE APPLICATION] Pending Membership Application
« on: April 09, 2008, 02:13:31 am » [00000000]
Ruler: Dajobo
Nation: Disktopia
CN Forum Name (if none/unsure leave blank): Dajobo
Resource #1: Gems
Resource #2: Iron
National Strength: 25,134.150
Recruited By (if none/unsure leave blank): Zbaldwin87
Vouch (if none/unsure leave blank): GEwilliam
Title of in-game recruitment message(s) you received promoting the New Polar Order (if none/unsure leave blank): War is Peace

Link to Nation:

Have you had any previous nations?  No

 If so, please provide the Nation and Ruler names:

Please list previous alliances, if any, you were in: None
How long were you a member?: N/A
Why did you leave?: N/A
Do you owe your previous alliance any money, or have other commitments or?: No
Are you in the midst of any problems with any Alliances? No
Are you currently involved in any wars?  If so, provide full details: No Wars

Why do you want to join The New Polar Order?: Because this alliance is the greatest in the Cyberverse
What can you offer the New Polar Order? (RL and cyber skills, etc): Loyalty, honesty and an active member
What do you expect from the Order?: Friendship, Advice & Protection.

I, Dajobo, understand that honesty is a value highly treasured by the New Polar Order. If at any time I am found to have falsified any information in this application I understand I may be subject to disciplinary action that may include expulsion from the Order and possible ZI, in concurrence with NpO policy. I further understand that this oath takes effect immediately and has no expiration.

Admission Officers: Please do not move this application; it is here as a sample for applicants.

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