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"Pending Membership Request,"  oiltp
« on: March 08, 2023, 12:16:51 pm » [00000000]
CN Forum Name (if none/unsure leave blank):
Resource #1:water
Resource #2:cattle
National Strength:427.900
Recruited By (if none/unsure leave blank):
Vouch (if none/unsure leave blank):
Title of in-game recruitment message(s) you received promoting the New Polar Order (if none/unsure leave blank):

Link to Nation:

Have you had any previous nations? Yes or No:no
If so, please provide the Nation and Ruler names:no

Please list previous alliances, if any, you were in:New pacific Order Global Alliance And Treaty Organization
How long were you a member?:NpO about 2 weeks and Global Alliance And Treaty Organization about 1 week
Why did you leave?: I don't pass the academy because I don't have the time to read information and inaddition now I play d&s so for ease of management and not to make too much noise, so I left
Do you owe your previous alliance any money, or have other commitments or?::no
Are you in the midst of any problems with any Alliances? no I don't
Are you currently involved in any wars?  If so, provide full details:No I don't

Why do you want to join The New Polar Order?:First, I paly d&s and New Polar Order is the first of the alliance list and they have most members and has the most movement as well

What can you offer the New Polar Order? (RL and cyber skills, etc):No I am only play game and get recommend  for develop  my nation better
What do you expect from the Order?:I hope this alliance will make me happy to play the game. and gain as much experience as possible

I, Oiltp, understand that honesty is of great value to the New Polar Order. I understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action which may include dismissal from order and possible ZI, consistent with NpO policy. I further understand that this oath is immediate and never expires.
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