Welcome back from your administrators!

July 18, 2010


As you’ve noticed now, we have installed a WordPress 3.0 homepage for the New Polar Order. Though the content and theme of the WordPress is still being worked on, we are very excited to have finally replaced our portal to give new recruits a better idea of what the alliance is about. It’ll also server as a more consistent news outlet for the Ministries to post stories of interest to the public.

The main change however is the completion of the forum migration to our new host. This should significantly increase the uptime and performance of our forums, as well as re-enabling some of the broken features such as email sending by the forum. New registrations will also have to confirm their emails again. In addition to that, the forum has been upgraded to SMF 2.0 RC3. We hope you enjoy the new functionality that it brings, but please be patient as we bring back older popular modifications to the site.

I would like to thank Random for all his hard work in the forum migration. For dealing with our old host and past forum migrations this past year he is truly a goddamn champ.

That’s all folks, until next time I crash the site for fun that is…

-Not Sane

P.S. Please update your nation link in your profile. You must enter the full link and the input is validated so don’t try anything funny.

P.P.S If you are unable to log in, please contact me ingame here.

Known Issues

  • If you cannot log out, clear your polarorder.net cookies!
  • All posts and accounts made after 12:30AM GMT-5 on Saturday July 17th, 2010 have not been carried over. This will not be done.
  • The custom field nation ID has been deleted. You must re-enter your nation link in your Forum Profile. Do so immediately.
  • Topic Descriptions are not visible. This will not be changed in the near future unfortunately.
  • Your forum avatar will appear slightly cut off due to the new size restriction of the theme.
  • All logs have been removed. This means the forum does not know which forums/topics you have read and where you last left off on a topic. If you want to mark everything as read, please use the “Mark All Messages as Read” button on the bottom right when you log in.
  • If you have subscribed to any threads for updates, they have been removed.
  • All links posted before (without /forum after the domain) are broken.
  • Some updates made to the forum after July 11th such as mask changes and renaming of users and forums did not carry over. This is expected and needs to be fixed manually.

Functional Features

  • Posts and accounts made before 12:30AM GMT-5 on Saturday July 17th, 2010 have been carried over.
  • SMF 2.0 RC3 installed successfully.
  • All standard administrative, moderation, and posting features are functional.
  • All avatars and smileys have been carried over.
  • OpenID is supported on our forum.
  • Emails are functional again, but please check your junk emails if you do not receive them.
  • Registration requires email confirmation once again.

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