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What is Art?
« on: June 11, 2017, 12:46:43 AM » [00000000]
What is Art?
It is everlasting and so short as to depart.
No matter the physical age, a piece may not be old.
No matter how modern, that does not make it bold.
The ideas, not processes of a piece are truly new.
Explosions and fleeting moments, one included too.
Art needs conserved, if broken it will never mend.

What is Art?
It is where every piece of the world is part.
Many tools are used, such as bodies with dance.
Even interpretations, which are partially chance.
Our history compared to our lives is like canvas with paint.
Existing everywhere, even if, seeming faint.
Art and its expression is something one cannot find.

What is Art?
It is calm like waves, and violent like a thrown dart.
The viewer itself, can feel whether it is cold.
Looking at it makes one feel different, then what they are told.
Colors, language, science all use an interpretation of warm.
The only difference among them is the appearance of form.
Art and its connection are what makes us frightened.

What is Art?
It is change and fluctuation like on a chart.
A basic understanding and appreciation rise from a glance.
Truly looking however, will leave one in a trance.
Data may lead to a sudden sharp increase.
Or present the negativity of a decrease.
Art is values, the value itself and whats grown.

What is Art?
It is the manifestation of a person's heart.
Broad, expansive, unending, and vast.
Forever the beauty will continue to last.
The depiction of some's deepest emotions.
With wild abandon are the given devotions.
Art is expression, not just what we show.

What is Art?
It is transported within creativity's cart.
So unpredicated, inopportune, and fast.
Soaring through our minds like a rocket after blast.
Used because there is much left to prove.
Causing hearts, minds, and souls to move.
Art is mysterious, unsolvable even by the best sleuth.

So much about it we cannot comprehend.
Existing somewhere between heart and mind.
Leaving many afterwards enlightened.
Terrifying is how its unknown.
it betters however, the more we know.
Art is always changing, its only known truth.

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Re: What is Art?
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Love it, L3GITRAINBOWS! Is this your original poem btw?