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Catch up
« on: June 06, 2017, 09:13:01 PM » [00000000]
Normally the night hangs around me like the air,
Unsettling is the brightness of my screen's glare,
Disturbing the peace that everyone has at night,
My inability to sleep attacks like a blight.

I can drift off into bliss however when I hear rain,
The sickness within me does start to drain,
As I lay to enjoy my long awaited rest,
My energy and will the droughts do test,
Yet when I sleep I come to understand the peace,
My worries and anxiety come to cease.

I wake in the morning in a gloom,
As I recognize my coming doom,
The cycle will start anew,
I stare at the world oh so blue.

The reason rain is such a beautiful thing,
Is because it lets the Earth soar as if on wing,
Refreshing the smell of the newly whetted grass,
It is so strong it can even erode brass,
The only variable it needs is time,
Becoming lakes from puddles the size of a dime.

The color, the scent, the sound although I prefer the latter,
As it relinquishes its beautiful pitter patter.