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Pending Membership Request -
« on: March 09, 2017, 06:05:10 am » [00000000]
Ruler: Aquila Atropos
Nation: Aegidia
CN Forum Name (if none/unsure leave blank): N/A
Resource #1: Oil
Resource #2: Coal
National Strength: I am unsure of what this means, but my nation is #2,888 out of 5,182 nations on my proferred website (I'm hoping that was helpful).
Recruited By (if none/unsure leave blank): JayMillz
Vouch (if none/unsure leave blank): N/A
Title of in-game recruitment message(s) you received promoting the New Polar Order (if none/unsure leave blank): Greetings Ruler

Link to Nation:

Have you had any previous nations? Yes or No: No
If so, please provide the Nation and Ruler names: N/A

Please list previous alliances, if any, you were in: N/A
How long were you a member?: N/A
Why did you leave?: N/A
Do you owe your previous alliance any money, or have other commitments or?: N/A
Are you in the midst of any problems with any Alliances?: N/A
Are you currently involved in any wars?  If so, provide full details: N/A

Why do you want to join The New Polar Order?: I was sent a recruitment message when I first began as a country, and whilst reading your ideals and your promises for new members, I decided that yours was the kind of alliance that I wanted to join. I appreciated the statement on nurturing new members to allow them to become strong, powerful nations, as opposed to giving them money and nothing else. 
What can you offer the New Polar Order? (RL and cyber skills, etc): I don't quite know what I can offer yet, as I am new to the system. I hope to grow to have a strong military & a healthy population.
What do you expect from the Order?: I do not expect too much from the Order only an environment that helps my country grow, and a friendly set of people that can help myself along the way.

I, Aquila Atropos, understand that honesty is a value highly treasured by the New Polar Order. If at any time I am found to have falsified any information in this application I understand I may be subject to disciplinary action that may include expulsion from the Order and possible ZI, in concurrence with NpO policy. I further understand that this oath takes effect immediately and has no expiration
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Re: Pending Membership Request -
« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2017, 06:31:59 am » [00000000]

haha QL is always right, obviously ;)

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