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The Assault
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His heart betrayed his underlying thoughts as his conscious mind remained as calm as a forgotten pond. He was running through the checklists in his mind, hoping to distract his thoughts from what would be unfolding within the next thirty minutes. He had checked his weapon a few dozen times, knew his pack upside down, inside out, and yet he still rummaged through it, ensuring that everything was there. From his place on the place, he could see about fifty other faces, half of what was onboard. Blacked out and equipped with the best in armor, they were the elite. Trained by veterans of wars as far back as GWI and personal veterans of Grudge, Disorder, and other various wars/conflicts, no man had gone untested in combat and no expense had been spared to keep them alive.

Spoiler: 1.5 Hours Prior • show
I've been drug out of bed for this? Due to the stupid training schedules, I already don't get enough sleep, thought the Lieutenant with a frown across his unshaved face. He knew that he should have shaved but he couldn't care less. He turned the corner and saw the open room at the end of the hall, flanked by two Presidential guards. He swore in his mind and thought about doubling back to shave but the guards had already begun approaching him and spoke in unison, as if twins. "Lieutenant Dardan? Right this way. Dardan thanked the men and continued into the room, where a row of generals and the President himself sat in front, watching everyone like hawks. What did I get myself into, thought the Lieutenant as he continued to invent relatively ingenious swears. A few minutes passed and few more officers entered, all of whom were Special Forces in some way. When there were no remaining seats in the relatively small room, the man who had been drawing all eyes stood and marched slowly, almost regally, to the podium.

"Gentlemen, what I'm about to say should not leave this room before you receive the word. This is of the utmost importance and everything here is beyond top secret at this point. You're all wondering what it is so I'll go ahead and tell you. We're going to war." The response in the room was as if he had mentioned that grass is green and the sky is blue. "We'll be invading GemCity right as midnight strikes. Our allies have been hitting them and your training schedules started due to Polaris marching to war. Due to resource and distance issues, I've kept us out but somebody messed up. Their people have been getting war weary, so their command signed a treaty to withdraw everything. We've received intel that reports that massive border fortifications will be online as soon as they're completely out. Long story short, if we strike even at 0001 hours, GemCity will be a death trap for anyone caught inside and an impenetrable fortress to the outside world. Everything from land mines, advanced sensors, and even conventional fortifications will come online at any time after midnight unless we get boots on the ground. If they come online, they'll be able to blow us out of the sky before we even see them." A few nods went around the room and the presentation moved on to the next slide.

"So, we'll be wheels up in 45 minutes. This presentation'll take 10 and you'll have 35 minutes to get your gear and be ready for transport to the airfield. Special Forces will keep GemCity's 'gates' open for conventional forces by landing at strategic positions and eliminating opposition. Substations, comms centers, even the orphanage across the street from the border. The point is, you'll be securing means of access for the rest of the war. If you fail, you're dead and GemCity will slip away until they decide that they're ready to return to the world. We've scheduled the declaration to hit the desk of Saphyre, GemCity's leader, at 12:00:01. If she reads it, or if she doesn't, and raises her defenses before you're boots on the ground at these locations, she'll be able to hit us with impunity. Therefore, you'll be boots on the ground at midnight and have virtually no margin of error. Nobody is perfect but I'm expecting perfection. If you fail, you will be buried in nameless graves by their side, your comrades will die, and your families will be burned by the fires of war." Everyone here had heard the above before, or at least something close. President Sutsgy was known for his brutal realism and his reputation for not padding the truth with fluff earned him a good rapport with some and a look of disdain with/from others.

The rest of the presentation went quickly. Assignments were handed out and plans were formed. Dardan would be in charge of 100 commandos, 50 of which would capture a large bridge and the adjacent border crossing while the other half raided a comms station and destroyed a substation. Dardan would be with the second group and was to bring back all relevant information from the comms station. They would be flying in radar-invisible, blacked-out troop transports and would be without support until AA emplacements could be taken down. Cruise missiles had been cleared to fire at designated targets or at pre-assigned targets in the event that no targets were designated. There was no intel on troop movements, capabilities, etc and they were flying blind in the face of adversity. Luckily, their body armor was radar and thermal neutral and their parachutes were designed to absorb radar rather than deflect it.

Dardan hadn't even noticed that the rear door had opened. He stood and the pack between his legs surprised him. It hadn't been that light when he put it on, though perhaps the adrenaline had leant him its strength. Dardan waited his turn and shuffled to the rear of the plane. Three men were in front of him, then two, then one, and then it was his turn to take the plunge.

The wind buffeted him, tossing him around like a ragdoll. The wake of the engines didn't help, though he quickly gained control and began scanning for his target. The ground below was pitch black in preparation for the defenses going online and he could only tell the location of his men through the unique frequency of IR that the Gallifreyan military had developed during Disorder. His team and he were to HALO into the area around the comms station and adjacent electric substation, move in, and have it under Gallifreyan control no sooner than midnight but no later than 12:00:05, when the order from GemCity's government would hit the airwaves and prevent any forces from entering. Luckily, they had been equipped with state of the art silencers, which allowed them to open fire without worrying about civilians calling in the noise.

His thoughts had captured him and it wasn't until he zoomed by multiple soldiers before he realized that he should have pulled his ripcord. With a hefty pull, he felt the life-saving fabric fill with air and felt the familiar lurch upwards as it slowed him from terminal velocity. He was a lot closer to the ground than he would have liked, though it wasn't anything that would cost him his life. He'd done a hundred hard landings on battlefields across the world and having 101 under his belt wouldn't hurt. Well, it'd hurt physically, but it wouldn't hurt mentally.

As soon as his boots touched the grass, Dardan worked to fall on his five points of contact. When he hit number three, however, the wind caught his parachute and twisted him around, catching his rifle in its strings and causing him to lose his bearings temporarily. The Lieutenant stood and, with a mental groan, untangled his rifle, chambered a round, and secured his parachute. He was only 100 yards from the target and he could come back to secure it. He checked his watch through his NODs and frowned. They had 2 minutes to get into position and 2.05 minutes before their mission was to be completed. Luckily, most of his section had landed without incident and had begun to assemble in their assigned squads and fireteams.

Only a short march away, the comms station was guarded by a small fireteam of soldiers. A sniper attached to Dardan's unit informed them that there was one MMG team, a medic, and two riflemen that he could see. As they readied their weapons and bodies for the assault and prepared to make contact, Dardan checked his watch. They had 30 seconds to secure the two story comms station and ensure that everything was ready to proceed for the main invasion. From his position against the wall, he felt a hand squeeze his shoulder twice and he, in turn, squeezed the shoulder of the man in front of him. It had started.

He wasn't the first in the room and, as he stepped through the doorway, wondered if he'd be able to tell his men apart from the enemy. When he stepped around the corner into the hallway, though, he realized that his men didn't wear jewels and gems on their uniform and, as one of the riflemen turned to face him, he pulled gently on the trigger thrice in quick succession, putting two rounds in the soldier's chest and one in between his nostrils. Dardan stepped over the still-moving corpse and aimed his rifle up the stairway. A squad and he proceeded up the stairs while the others cleared the downstairs and, as he reached the landing of the second floor, tripped over the lip of the last step and fell flat on his face. He felt the bones crunch in his face as his nose became intimate with the floor. At the same time, however, he heard the loudest sound he had ever heard in his life. His ears began ringing, his eyes watered, and he had the worst headache in the history of headaches. He heard a second, softer sound and then a thud. What is going on here, thought the Lt as he brought his hand up to his face.

"THE LT'S HIT!" The squad rushed to secure the area and rolled Dardan over. "Get that light out of my face," groaned Dardan as he sat up. A quick movement of his wrist had his nose back in position, though he didn't think that nosebleeds would cause such piercing headaches. He felt his helmet attempt to lift itself from his head and he released the chin strap. "He's gotta be the luckiest man alive," said the medic and thrust the helmet into Dardan's view. What he saw amazed him beyond anything else he had seen: a round smashed flat against the helmet. Dardan's still aching head began piecing together that happened: He tripped and broke his nose and, at the same time, one of the other riflemen had attempted to put a bullet in Dardan's skull. Seeing the enemy move into view, the commandos had opened fire before he could get a second shot off.

As he packed his nose with a tampon, Dardan heard the all-clear and knew that they had managed to pull off the impossible. He glanced down at his watch and in big, blinking, highlighted numbers shone the time.


(OOC: This is probably one of a series and they'll all be posted here from different points of view. This POV had been in my mind for a few days now so it may take a while for me to channel another POV. Feel free to post with ideas, criticism, etc!


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