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Charter of Polaris
« on: April 07, 2016, 06:15:30 am » [00000000]

Charter of Polaris

The nations herein agree to come together in common Defense and Economy, under the banner of Brotherhood and Fraternity, to make real the Concepts and Ideals upon which we now stand.

Article I: Admission
Those nations in which desire to join Polaris through its journey must submit an application both in-game and on forums. This application must state the following:

P&W Nation link:
P&W Ruler Name:
Do you have any current wars?:
How did you hear about us?:

Those nations who fail to register and apply on the forums or in game after a week will not be allowed to continue with Polaris until this has been achieved.

Article II: The Polar Council
The Polar Council is made of 4 members:
Minister of Truth (Foreign Affairs)
Minister of Plenty (Economics)
Minister of Love (Internal Affairs)
Minister of Peace (Military)

These council members work directly under the Emperor to ensure the alliance run smoothly. Council members are appointed to these chairs by the Emperor and the Emperor only. Council members hold their positions as council member until either of the following occurs:
1)   Retirement
2)   Expulsion
3)   Emperor appoints a different person

Council Advisers are brought onto council to advise and help council where it is needed. They are not assigned to any specific Ministry however, if asked to do something by a minister they are able to do so. They are able to be in on OPSEC matters and may give advice and state their minds regarding alliance situations.

Article III: The Emperor and Imperial Staff
The Emperor of the Alliance hold all power. The Emperor may say at any time what may happen and it is to happen. If at any time a member feels he has been wronged by the Emperor, the member in question may bring notice to council members who will discuss the action in further detail.

The Emperor may appoint and create new positions within the alliance whenever he/she feels is necessary.

The Emperors Regent is second in command of the alliance and any time the Emperor is away they are the acting Emperor. In the case of an Emperor going inactive or having to leave the Alliance the Regent immediately takes over as Emperor and may appoint whoever they please to Council and Regent (Unless they have a prior agreement with the former Emperor).

An Emperor remains Emperor until he retires and appoints the new Emperor in their place. If an Emperor retires he/she hold the power to appoint anyone to the position of Emperor. It does not have to be the Regent he/she appointed.

Article IV: Expulsion from the Alliance
If a member commits a heinous act that the alliance deems to be worth expelling, The Emperor and Council have the power to expel said member at any time provided they have proof of the member committing said crime.

If another member feels a member should be expelled from the order. They are to contact Council with the proposal of expulsion along with the proof. It shall then either happen or be put to a vote for the rest of the alliance. For the first accusation the vote will require super majority (75%+1) to expel the member. However, if a member is brought up again with valid proof. Council and Emperor reserve the right to skip the voting and expel the member. If the Council and Emperor decide to put it to another vote, the vote will only require majority (50%+1) to expel said member.

Article V: Amendments to the Charter
At any time, a member may make a change to the charter. To do so, he/she must write the proposed change they would like to see. It will then be put to a vote and require super majority (75%+1) to be changed.
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