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The Quest
« on: January 06, 2016, 10:38:48 pm » [00000000]

Muton is a really unremarkable little settlement. It has no real claim to fame other than it is the village in which we find our two heroes - the brothers Marcus and Leon. They're not heroes yet mind you, but they surely will be before this tale is told.

My name is Frankie. I'm the chronicler of this story. I live in the southeastern part of town, across the street from Marcus, the elder of the brothers. My one-roomed wooden house is falling to bits around me, like the rest of the village it seems, but I like it here.

Leon lives across town from us - in the northeast corner. It isn't far - the town is very small.

Here's the thing: the brothers weren't born here. We're only assuming that they are actually brothers too, but hey, there is enough of a family resemblance to make that seem a reasonable guess - they are identical after all. They just turned up one day. Okay, when I say they just turned up one day, they really did. Let me explain.

Back then I was a shepherd. I worked for Farmer Borth who has a much larger house on the western side of the town - over by the Mayor's residence and the forge. The farmer, the blacksmith, the Mayor - they live in a huddled conspiracy of grand buildings. Or perhaps I'm just a little jealous of their wealth and comfort. The rest of us get by though.

Anyway. By day I tended the flock of sheep (back when we had a flock). On this particular day - the day the brothers turned up (and the day we lost our flock) - I was doing just that, sitting in the shade of an acacia tree, watching over the sheep as they grazed the grassy fields slightly to the east of our village. So far, nothing unusual.

It can't have been much before noon when the first brother turned up - Marcus. He appeared in an open area of grassland - literally just appeared. One second there was just empty space, the next he was standing there. Moments later Leon did the same thing, from not far away. I saw it. Both times. I quietly climbed the tree and stayed there. The flock scattered - I didn't care.

The brothers set off toward Muton, which was clearly visible only a short distance away. I don't really know what happened when they got there, as I stayed in that tree for two days and nights before I had the courage to get down. While the brothers clearly knew each other, they could not explain how they got here, and seemed to have no memory beyond when I saw them first appear. In my absence the Mayor decided to welcome them as strangers, gave them lodgings, and set them to work in the village gardens. This generosity seems odd to me - overwhelmingly incompatible with how Mayor Rutger normally acts.

I lost my job for my sins - you don't get to spend two days and nights up a tree without losing the village flock of course. I also spent a further two days roped to the village well at the crossroads that marks the centre of Muton. That act seemed far more compatible with what I would expect from our Mayor. Farmer Borth, fatter than ever, barely raised an eyebrow though. He simply stood, with that inanely sheepish grin across his face, next to Mayor Rutger during my public whipping.

And I never did tell anybody about what I saw either. That could only have caused more trouble for me - I mean, who would believe me anyway? Best let them think I absconded from my duties for a while - perhaps trying to catch a wild horse or some other just as silly negligence.

But you shouldn't feel at all sorry for me. Please, take no notice of my plight - nobody else does, after all. Pay heed instead to my tale - for there are grand truths in all such tales. And even though this story is yet to begin (you see, I'm recording it from what I can glean - as it happens), it continues the handed down narratives of ancient legends. Within it are answers, and mysteries. There is success and failure, friendship and hostility, trust and betrayal, generosity and greed, rescue, and yes, death. Especially death.

These things are a part of this story-which-has-not-yet-occurred, this becoming-tale, because these are a part of every story.

Spoiler: show
This is actually the start of a quest that I am creating in a Minecraft world* for my two kids to complete (real names not used... obv.). I've got the bones of the tasks and backstory mostly worked out, but the actual unfolding of the narrative will depend upon the actions of the heroes themselves.

Bear in mind that they have limited screen time, so progress will likely be slow - which will hopefully allow me to keep up with these installments. I invite you to tag along, and hopefully we'll keep you entertained some (as long as they, or I, don't lose interest before completion!).

(*Seed=Golden Apple xbox 360 version)

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Re: The Quest
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Mihail, do you perchance remember what happened in that world afterwards enough to continue the tale?

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