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« on: November 18, 2015, 12:01:17 pm » [00000000]
I'm going to post small short stories, poems, and musing here just for my own ability to come back and read them and probably cringe. Cheers.

The comforting sound of human activity. Sirens in the distance, motors accelerating, breaks squealing, construction equipment moving, lawn mowers churning... I find these noises to sometimes be as relaxing as the serenity of an isolated wood. They serve as a cacophonous reminder that I am not alone in this world. The cause of these noises, interlaced with birds chirping and leaves rustling, are not the machines themselves but the people operating them. Every person going about their own day, oblivious to the next.

What an impossibility to even begin to comprehend the complexity of one's own life, let alone that of your neighbor or the girl you've just made love to the night before still lying in bed asleep. How simple it is to know that they share this experience known as consciousness, and yet how marvelous that you may never know more than a glimpse of their's.

There's a word for this feeling of overwhelming wonder at the idea, though I cannot recall it at this time. It's a common occurrence for most people who sit back and pontificate for awhile, I'm sure. Yet that doesn't detract from the thought itself, but merely adds to it.